Jesus said on His last hour, dying at the Cross as human, “it is finished…”

Tetelestai is a greek word meaning “it is finished…”

With Jesus saying it is finished, He doesnt mean that His works on earth have already finished but rather He carried it all for us and so, we, as human can now rest on what He has done. 

Jesus is our rock, as said in the bible which means surely we have a great foundation. Solid as a rock, we know that we can rest with Him. 

When you have a clear revelation about His finished works, surely, there is nothing that you can ask for more but just simply bask in His presence, listen to Him and take heed on what He will tell you to do. God, as He is, never wants us to be the second best. We are always His first. He wants us to experience the good life and the best of everything. 

” it is finished…” And so I would say it does. We can claim healing, fullness and wholeness. Every area of our life is made perfect in Him and with Him. Shalom! Nothing missing, nothing broken. 

It is really powerful to know that when you know who you are in Him. You can never be defeated because the enemy has lost his battle at the calvary. The enemy is a defeated foe! 

As many preachers have said, when you rest God does the work which is true. Because we can only do so much, our bodies is limited BUT the One who lives inside of us is not limited. We cannot limit God, never!

I know, He is faithful to His promises and He is committed to bring us to a state where the only thing we can say is just “thank you, Yeshua!” 

In His presence there is fullness, there is joy, there is healing, there is provision and through His glory we can see miracles upon miracles happening right before our very eyes. 

Praise you, Jesus! 
By Mac Herman


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