Love Ran Red

Listening to Chris Tomlin’s song “At The Cross” always brings me to what really happened in Calvary. It’s an awesome feeling and at the same time thankful for what Jesus has done thousands of years ago. With His Blood, we can now claim victory, we were made victorious to live a life according to His will. 

When you know how powerful the Cross is, all that you can do is just rest. Rest on His promises and rest in His presence. 

The Cross is not only a sign of victory but a sign of Love. When there is Love, there is Hope and when there is Hope, there is Peace. We need that peace to help us sail steady on our life’s journey. Jesus is our peace!

When you are sensitive to His presence all that you can do is just bow down, melt in His presence and savor the moment. His presence brings Peace, Hope and Love. 

We all need His presence to bring light to our path and for us to break through the darkness. 

Forever, I will never get tired singing praises to the Lord of lords and King of kings. 

…🎶 Here my Hope is found…here on Holy Ground.. Here I bow down… Here I bow down… Here arms open wide.. Here You saved my life…🎶

Thank you Jesus! 

By Mac Herman

[song courtesy of Chris Tomlin, extracted via youtube]

[photo credits to Church of Hope, Sarasota, Fl]. 


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