You’re The God Who Sees Me

Who am I that YOU are thinking of me?

Who am I that YOU hear me when I call YOU?

Who am I that YOU see me?

Who am I that YOU love me?

Who am I that YOU care for me? 

Who am I that YOU died for me?

 Questions after questions …

Doubts after doubts …

What if you open your heart to start believing that HE really sees you, thinks of you, hears you, loves you, cares for you and died for you? Then, it’s going to be a different ballgame. As a man thinks, so is he.

Regardless of where you’re at right now, GOD SEES YOU just as His Word says, “He is the God Who sees you!” Genesis 16:13 (MSG) Even if you think you’re going deeper and deeper into a pit, He sees you. When everything that surrounds you becomes darkness, LOOK UP and you’ll see the brightened sky where hope is found. When you’re at a dead end of your situation having done everything YOU KNOW what to do, then cry out “HELP ME, JESUS”, and He’ll come running. He is SAVIOR Who is mighty TO SAVE and He is more committed to you than you being committed to yourself. But what He longs for is RELATIONSHIP and NOT DICTATORSHIP. He’s not into intrusion but YOUR INVITATION as you call on HIS NAME will be IRRISISTIBLE to Him. 

His thoughts of you are more than the sand in the sea. He cares for you and He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail—even numbering the hairs on your head!

And because of God’s great love for you and me, He GAVE us JESUS, the assurance of sharing His goodness. But what good will it do to us if WE DO NOT RECEIVE WHO WAS GIVEN? A gift is meant to be received and when received only then we get to explore and experience the benefits that HE DAILY loads us. Then, we SEE HIM.


FATHER, I thank You for giving me Your only begotten Son, Jesus.

JESUS, I receive YOU into my heart and make YOUR home IN me.

HOLY SPIRIT, guide me into ALL TRUTH and make JESUS known to me.

Thank You, Daddy God for loving me. 


“You’re the God Who sees me!

  Yes! He saw me; and then I saw him!”

   Genesis 16:13 (MSG)

By Chee Pada


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