You Gotta Declare These!

God is a God Who hears and He listens. Whatever we decree on earth so it shall be established in Heaven. What we bind must have already been bound in heaven. We agree what heaven has bound or loosed …

Prayer is our powerful tool to communicate with God and our sword to all attacks of the enemy. His Word is our shield. Whatever we are praying for, if it is His will then it will manifest. 

Oftentimes we don’t get what we prayed for but that doesn’t mean it will never be granted, we just wait on God to release it according to His perfect plan and the purpose of our prayer. Delay doesn’t mean denial!

So let’s pray and let this prayer be established in your life. Every word we say I pray it is sealed and protected by the Blood of Jesus…

I pray against anything that wants to cripple your life, the life of your family, your finances, your marriage, your health, and protection over your children and their future.

I pray against the spirit of rejection, perversion, anxiety, depression, lack, setbacks, financial famine, failure, bankcruptcy, debt, hatred, harrassment, hostility and drought in every area of your life. 

I pray against any weapons set to destroy you, your family, your job and your business and your ministry. 

I revoke all sanatic projections, any forms of black magic,  spells, curses, divinations, enchantments, incantations, and demonic predictions aimed at you and your family. I plea the Blood of Jesus to cover you, your family, and your business. I pray for hedge of protection in Jesus’ name. Let God turn these flaming arrows pointed at you for your own good. 

I overturn every sentence of death, and death in all forms! I pray for the warring Angels of God to intervene right now in Jesus’ name. 

I pray against anything that wants to derail you, make you under and last for as the bible said you are the head and not the tail, on top and not at the bottom. 

I pray for divine vindication for you and your family including the church and its leadership. 

Psalm 23:5 says “God will prepare a feast for you in the presence of your enemies…” I pray for justice to those who are oppressed, lied upon, pulled down and belittled. 

I pray for unhealthy rivalry in your family, marriage, church and work place. Let harmony prevail and God be the center of any relationship. 

I pray for a sure, and secured harvest. Your seeds from the past have grown well, abundantly and are ready for a feast of harvest. This is your season and get ready for a fortune of harvest. 

I decree new seasons to come and play in your life, endless opportunities, networks, contacts, clients and proposals coming your way and chasing you. I see abundance of wealth flooding your way, bank accounts being filled with God’s provisions and blessings overtaking you. 

Psalm 91 says “…with long life I will satisfy you…” I pray for the best of health. No sickness and illness will thrive in your body in Jesus’ name. 

I decree favors of the Lord to surround you like a crown to your head and a shield to your body. You have God’s favor in everything and whatever you do and wherever you go. 

I see opportunities of opened doors opening right before your eyes, doors that no one and no man can shut! God has you!!

Psalm 1:3 says…..”whatever your hand touches so shall it prosper!” I pray success and only success in every work of your hand. The touch of your hand is like a seed that will eventually grow and you will reap bountifully. 

I declare, seal and decree these with the Blood of Jesus. 

This I pray and we claim in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!!!

We rest only on Your finished work, Abba Father!

Holy Spirit have Your way!

By Mac Herman


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