You Are The Beloved Of The Lord

How is success measured and when is one considered living a victorious life?

As a child, my mother would read to me at night. I especially liked the Parable of the Sower which told about seeds sown in different types of ground. I remember asking her to read this parable to me often. Lovingly, my mom would explain that the seed is the Word of God while the ground is our hearts. She also encouraged me to read one chapter a day from the beautiful book of Proverbs which became my favorite in the Old Testament. This instilled a habit in me of feeding on God’s Word daily.

Jesus Christ has washed our hearts to become good ground. He is the Seed. There is a reason of being in a nursery where young plants are nurtured but ultimately, each one of us is designed to be a strong large tree. Our lives are made to give out shade for the wounded, those longing for godly counsel and rest. Our branches are meant to point to the Creator of the Heaven and the earth. Our buds are designed to blossom for all the world to see His beauty, and that they can savor the fragrance of our Father.

We are meant to be like flowers that diffuse sweet-smelling aroma before the Father’s throne. Our fruits are meant to nourish the sickly and our leaves are meant to bring healing to this dying world.

The human eye may only consider a seed a success when it has finally grown into a huge fruit-bearing tree, just as the world may measure success by the number of medals, or accomplishments. Yet in the Kingdom of Heaven, the moment you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are immediately victorious. Why? Because Jesus who is in you has pronounced victory and declared you triumphant with Him at the Cross 2,000 years ago, when He defeated death and sin, and all curses.

Even as a child on my mother’s lap with the Bible at night, I was already a success in my Father’s eyes.

God has purposed you for victorious living. May this devotional help you nourish to be that healthy fruitful tree He has designed you to be.

By Chuck Filamor, 31 Days Devotional for Victorious Living, Introduction


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