What The World Needs Is Love

Everywhere you look nowadays … chaos!

Whatever you hear nowadays … chaos!


BUT there is HOPE!

There is GOOD NEWS!

God never intended for this world to have such an environment. Instead, what He desires is an atmosphere of PEACE, JOY and LOVE. We try so hard to have peace talks, be forcefully joyful and love until we get tired and weary. We use all the weapons we have in and of our abilities and yet to no avail. Then, we come to the end of ourselves because nothing changed.

Think about this … the creation of man in God’s own image and likeness was done on the SIXTH day after the world was created. He breathed His life into us and BLESSED us. On the SEVENTH day, God ended His work and HE RESTED. That means, man’s first day was a day of REST. His intention for man’s creation was GOOD because He is a GOOD GOD.

Like a branch cut off from a tree dies, left on our own we, too, can do nothing apart from being connected to HIM and the only way to be reconciled is by receiving THE LOVE OF GOD fully demonstrated by the finished work of Jesus Christ. He didn’t die for one but for ALL of us. He saw us worth dying for in spite of what He sees in us so we can enjoy fellowship with Him.

Jesus was the gift that Our Father GAVE. What is GIVEN is a GIFT and a GIFT is supposed to be RECEIVED. We DON’T WORK FOR IT otherwise it wouldn’t qualify as a GIFT. He gave us HIMSELF when we were worthless. It didn’t stop HIM from suffering so we can be BLESSED as HE originally intended us to be … BLESSED!

The very moment we receive Jesus into our hearts, PEACE comes. He is the PRINCE OF PEACE who calms the stirring of our hearts until it’s settled. When Jesus dwells in us, JOY UNSPEAKABLE is felt for where His presence is, there is FULLNESS OF JOY. God is LOVE and when HE comes to live in us, LOVE becomes alive in us.

When we are filled with PEACE, JOY and LOVE that comes from our only Savior Jesus Christ we become WHOLE and COMPLETE. As we continue to fellowship with Him, the more we get filled to overflow. Our perspective changes, our actions change, our words change! And because we are complete IN HIM, instead of looking into our own interests, we NOW become OTHER-CENTERED who carry PEACE, JOY and LOVE to the ends of the earth and make a difference to those around us.


LOVE IS UNSTOPPABLE! If it didn’t stop Jesus from dying at the cross in spite of our unworthiness, then it shouldn’t stop us to spread love to the people around us. LOVE NEVER FAILS.
WANNA CHANGE THE WORLD? We start with us, YOU and I, by filling ourselves with the LOVE OF GOD!

Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13:8 NIV)

Love will last forever. (1 Corinthians 13:8 NLT)

Love never dies. (1 Corinthians 13:8 MSG)

Love never fails [never fades out or becomes obsolete or comes to an end]. (1 Corinthians 13:8 AMP)

I receive You, Jesus, as my Lord and Savior. Fill me with WHO YOU are.  You are PEACE. You are JOY. You are LOVE.

In You, I am complete.

Thank You, Jesus.


By Chee Pada



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