Temples of Love

A temple is a house of prayer.  It is a place of worship.  It is a lodge devoted to a special purpose.  We are called the TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. 

What does it mean by that?  Well, we ALL believe in something or someone.  We may have different views or perceptions of a particular thing or someone.  But I DO BELIEVE in Our Father Who is in heaven Who FULLY DEMONSTRATED HIS GREAT LOVE for you and me by giving us JESUS CHRIST Who died at the cross and only thought of ONE THING …. to pay for our sin that separated us from HIM.  His divine agenda was to restore us to that kind of fellowship like what  Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden, walking, talking and communing with HIM in a cool of the day.  

When I read that part of the Bible, my heart ached and my thoughts wondered … “I wonder how it felt to walk and commune with God”.    Literally I was in tears yearning to experience such.   Little did I know that what I truly sought, He revealed and made it possible only BY GRACE (totally in reliance on God’s grace and not through good deeds) THROUGH FAITH, not of ourselves but …  IT IS THE GIFT OF GOD.

Jesus’ Blood CLEANSED us and made us NEW CREATIONS in Him!  Jesus was the PERFECT sacrifice Who redeemed us, Who saved us, BUT redemption and salvation are only made possible when we humble ourselves and acknowledge that we are IN NEED OF A SAVIOR WHO IS MIGHTY TO SAVE.  “Save” in Greek “sozo” means to save, deliver, protect, heal, preserve, do well and BE MADE WHOLE.   Now I’m beginning to realize why He desires us to have some attributes of being a child and poor in spirit.  A child is always NEEDY and the same is true with being POOR in spirit, always hungry and thirsty for MORE of HIM.   Utter dependence is what He desires because HE KNOWS what is BEST for us, we don’t!   It’s not that God is insecure and is in need of our attention … NO, NOT AT ALL.   He is actually LONGING to commune with us.  His love is deep and tender towards us and is always on a lookout for ways to demonstrate it to us yet a lot of times we’re too busy TO SEE what He is up to for you and me.

 Have you ever wondered why the curtain of the temple believed to be 4 inches thick was torn in two from top to bottom when Jesus died at the cross?   God made it possible for us to have full access to Him anytime because HE LOVES US.   It’s also because He no longer wanted to dwell in the temple made by human hands but HE DESIRES TO MAKE US HIS HOME, HIS TEMPLE.   But God is SO HOLY to live in unredeemed vessels that’s why Jesus needed to come down as a perfect sacrifice so we can be MADE HOLY for Him to be His temple. 

“For by ONE SACRIFICE He has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.”  Hebrews 10:14

Holiness isn’t about how we dress or how we do things always trying to be pleasing to Him.  To be holy isn’t of our own ability otherwise it would drive us to the end of ourselves always putting our best forward.   HE GAVE HIS BEST, JESUS, FOR US TO LOOK BEST BEFORE HIS EYES.  HIM BEING the HOLY ONE living inside of us makes us holy and when our hearts beat in time like HIS, only then we do holy things. 

GOD IS LOVE and HE LOVED US FIRST!   When HE Who IS LOVE lives in us, therefore we carry LOVE inside of us.  It is the kind of love that NEVER FAILS, NEVER GIVES UP and NEVER RUNS OUT on us.  God is eternal therefore His love endures forever.  We no longer love according to our own ability, the human kind of love that gets angered when confronted or gets emptied when pushed to its limits BUT  when we become the temple of HIS SPIRIT, HIS kind of love flows IN and THROUGH us making us His TEMPLES OF LOVE.

“I love each of you with the same love that the Father loves  Me.  Let My love nourish your hearts.”  John 15:9 (The Passion Translation)



Thank You, Father, that I am the apple of Your eye.

Thank You, Jesus, for dying for me because You love me.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for making me Your home.


By Chee Pada


Photo courtesy of yacf.blogspot.com


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