Be Like A Tree 

God wants us to be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that in its due season we are bearing fruits, a harvest from each seed we planted. Leaves and fruits that will never wither! Amazing isn’t it? I like what He said towards the end of the verse that whatever we do, it will definitely prosper. Other translation would say whatever we touch will prosper. 

Growing up loving to plant a seed, I seen mangoes I’ve planted in the past and now bearing fruits. Yes, its fruits. Not just one mango fruit but plenty of mangoes. Imagine, one seed can bring fruits and during its season, every year it bears fruit. Like what the verse said, we should be like a tree. When we think of a tree, and being like one, it doesn’t mean that we just plant it and forget it but we should nourish our seed, water it so it may bring fruit in its season. In the natural, once we sow a seed of faith, we need to water it by feeding in the Word of God. As we feed, we rest and let God move so it may bring good measure of harvest. 

While we rest and letting God move in our seeds, we should stay grounded and keep believing for the seed to grow. God will never give us a desire if it is not according to His will. Whatever Godly desire we have, surely it will prosper. 

God said in His word that a righteous man’s prayer avails much! 

Just keep praying in Spirit and in truth. Let His will to align in yours and in your due season a bountiful harvest will manifest. Be an expectant of something good and awesome. God never and never fails. 


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