As I Surrender…

Psalm 141: 2 says …”the lifting of my hands a sacrifice.”

How many of you know that whenever we lift our hands in praise and in worship to the Lord we are telling the Lord that we are in complete surrender and that we are letting Him to move in us, and in through us. Move mightily in our life and in our situation. 

A lifted hand is a sign to the Lord that we are casting our cares to Him. Surrendering everything to the Lord. 

Isn’t it that great to know that every time we surrender to the Lord, He takes over? How sweet living God we have! 


Lord, I thank you for every people that are being blessed by this site. 

I pray for Holy Spirit manifestations over their lives. 

I pray for the mighty move of the Spirit to reveal Himself to our readers today, make it more tangible and real. Let His Love be felt today and forevermore. 

I pray for more salvation, more souls captured and people being touched as He moves. People being saved and eternal life is given. 

I pray and speak life in every area and every situation you are facing right now. 

Jesus, have Your way. Holy Spirit move over, hover in their lives envelop them with Your love and let Your presence be felt right now. 

This I pray, in the mighty name of Jesus, amen. 


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