Our Highest Praises

Oh, thank you, Jesus that in You alone belong our highest praises. 

Thank you that every time we come into Your presence, You inhabits our worship and our praises. 

You always hear our cry, and You never fail us. You are faithful that’s why what we can only give You in our thanksgiving. 

You are worthy of our praises. Man will disappoint us but we know You will not and will never be. 

Thank you Lord for the gift of life and the eternal life that awaits us all. 

Thank you for Your salvation. Thank you for what You’ve done. 

Thank you Jesus. All praises belong to You, alone! 

God be glorified in all of our ways. Let Your name be exalted in all the earth. Let the works of the enemy be deminished and will not prosper in Your name we are all conquerors and victors! 

Victory is upon us because You have triumphed the grave. 

We worship You and honor You, Jesus!

Thank you that each day, everyday, Your mercies are renewed and fresh. 

Thank you for the manna we receive everyday. 

Worthy! Worthy! Worthy is the Lord Who was, Who is, and is to come!



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