Consistency. Perseverance. Joy. 

I am simply mesmerized by the passion and perseverance of these students just for them to go to school everyday that they have to brave rivers, mountains and mud!

Watching this video melted my heart saying that I am still blessed that I haven’t gotten to experience this during my school life but I definitely admire these students that no matter what life throws them, they are still standing amidst their difficulties.

One that I like about them is their passion to succeed in life and their perseverance to finish school in order to provide something good for their future and as well as to bring something for their families in the future.

I would say that they are also blessed knowing that God is amidst them. I know that they may suffer this now but I pray for the revelatory Spirit of the Lord to envelop them with Joy and Strength to keep pushing through and move forward.



I pray that the Will of the Lord which is to prosper them will be done and whatever these kids do in the future will prosper.

Lord, I pray for more blessings, people used a channel to bless these kids.

God is good! His promises are always YES! and Amen!


Video courtesy of AJ+.



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