Let Not! Why?

Oftentimes, we operate in the natural where we always look at the approval of others. Let not! Why? Because God gave His best thousands of years ago. 

We often think that our value is in accordance to the ways of the world. Let not! Why? Because before you were even born God has called you. 

We always see ourselves dependent on people’s comments, feedback and words. Let not! Why? Their words will fade but God’s words will not. He is the author and finisher of our faith. He has the final command and blessings upon you and I. 

Whenever you feel you’re not of value, worthless and rejected. Always think about how precious you are to His eyes. You are valuable creation of our God. In Genesis, it talks about the creation of the world. Human was created after God has created everything before men was made. Isn’t it God so thoughtful that He thought of it all first before creating you? He could have created human first then next the air and etc. But because you are valuable to God, He made sure you have everything first! 

If others de-value you, reject you and see you worthless, tell them this – my God created you, I am His creation too, I am valuable, I am loved and God is in with, within me and for me. No one can come against me because God is for me! 

Thank you, Jesus!


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