The Blessing In You…

“My covenant I will NOT break nor alter the word that has gone out of My lips! Once I have sworn by My holiness, I will NOT lie to you, (put your name here).” Psalm 89:34-35

The Blessing in you is His presence dwelling in you. It is the blessing in you that produces the blessings for you.

Your confidence comes when you know who you are in Christ. Like Abraham, he first asked Lot to choose which way he would go when there was strife between their herdsmen. Lot was led by what he SAW and CHOSE a productive and well watered land. Abraham on the other hand was assured by who he is in God’s eyes. To give Lot the priority to choose didn’t mean Abraham was an underdog, instead it showed his certainty that God’s blessing was in him. He was declared BLESSED in Gen 12 therefore BLESSED he remains WHEREVER he goes and the Lord GAVE him his land (Gen 14:13).

Believe that everywhere your feet would tread upon, God has given you. Anywhere you go becomes a holy ground because the Holy One lives inside of you. You don’t need to fight for your right, conive or do whatever strategy you think is best. Be undaunted and KNOW that everywhere you look, BLESSINGS, because the Blesser is within you.

You are indeed greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved all because God said so! When He speaks, it always comes to pass!


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