In Christ Alone…

When you believe that Christ is your savior, He came for your redemption and know that He rose from the dead so you can have eternal life then NO ONE, as in NO ONE can come against you. 

His triumph on the Cross made you victorious in life today. 

If His resurrection is alive in you and believe that the same power rose Him from the grave then NO one can stand against you!

In Christ alone, the truth be told. He is your strength, your life, and your way to eternity. 

We live in a mortal body but that doesn’t mean you live a defeated and mediocre life. Christ doesn’t design you that way. He equipt you with His strength and power to come all storms of life!

With Him alone, no guilt, no shame, no retribution and no sin. How? Fellowship with Him, with the Holy Spirit and He will show you mighty and great things. Allow Him to work in you, and for you. Let the river of life flow in you and through you. 

This is God’s legacy to those who believe in Him!

Things may not come as you expected them to be but delay doesn’t mean denial. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. Just keep believing until it manifested. 

Your faith will propel you to your heart’s pure desire, listen to the Spirit within you and in you. The work of the flesh is limited but the spirit is eternal. 

The power of Christ brings no shame, no guilt but a victorious life. 

I pray for the revelatory Spirit of Lord to be revealed to you today. I pray for peace that surpasses human understanding and shalom – nothing missing, nothing broken in your life. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 


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