Spirit Lead Me…

Spirit lead me…

Whenever I feel disappointments and frustrations in life.

When I feel so down and helpless.

When I feel like it’s the end of everything. 

When I am cornered with negative thoughts. 

When I cannot control my mouth but just say words that don’t magnify You. 

When my actions are not pleasing to Your eyes. 

When I am working that is not in accordance to Your will. 

When I lose hope and not trust in You. 

When I feel coward and can’t face the storms of life. 

When my trust is without borders. 

When I am in doubts.

When I am succumbed with fears and fear trembling. 

Whenever I do decisions. 

Whenever I am acting on providing solutions to a problem. 

When I am speaking. 

When I am walking and no where to go. 

When I feel alone and no one could stand beside me. 

When I am at crossroads. 

When I feel unsecured and insecurities enveloping me. 

When I am restless. 

When I don’t know what to do…

Video courtesy of Hillsong United. Copied via Youtube. 


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