I am your True Friend

 I am the True Friend you have always wanted. So many times when you called to Me, I answered and I was with you. Though you are delicate, I have made you strong. Do you remember how I set your heart on fire and gave you the grace to love Me and seek Me with your whole heart? I am your wraparound shield, your strong protector, and your True Friend.
Remember the promises that I have spoken to you. Do not let them go. I promised you life, strength, healing, and power. My words will be the armor to empower you when doubts assail you from every side. Keep coming to Me and never forget the destiny I have promised you, for your inheritance was received by faith.
Your enemy knows how to wound you. He will even come through the voices of those you love the most. Be alert to My voice, My child, for I have taught you to follow My voice and not the voice of another. Remember the countless times I directed you, even on a path you had never been on before. I never failed you and I never will fail you. Always remember that I am your True Friend.
These are the days of discovery. You will discover Me in hidden places and in previously unknown ways. My voice will comfort you and bring you peace. Remember the comfort I poured out upon you when your heart was broken and you did not know what to do. I was there in that hour to mend your broken soul and restore you to Myself. I am drawn to your weakness, My beloved, like a river is drawn to the lowest places in the valley. I will fill you with My peace to sustain you and My love to empower you. Remember this, My beloved: I am your True Friend.


Proverbs 18:24 The Passion Translation
“Some friendships don’t last for long,

but there is one loving friend who is joined to your heart 

closer than any other!”


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