Jesus – The Powerful Name

I am simply mesmerized by this contestant in The Voice and I am thankful for Shows like this which a Christian can simply sing praises for the Lord. 

Truly, this day, the name of Jesus was lifted up and will continue to be lifted up. I call this a seed to everyone who watches the show. It’s a great ministry not just to be known as a candidate of a show nor a Christian but to preach the Gospel of the Lord. 

Surely, there is no other Name but the Name of Jesus – to break every chain, to bring salvation to those who believes in Him, to those who calls His Name. 

Jesus, You are lifted up today, tomorrow and forever. 

Thank you, Paxton Ingram by bringing up an army of people who will not be ashamed to let the whole world know how powerful the name of Jesus. 

Jesus – You break every chain!


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