My gift to you is My endless, triumphant life


I love to give good gifts to My children, to those who are born from above. I have treasures to bestow that the world can never give, nor can they understand their value. I give to you new life, resurrection life. From the death of My body on Calvary’s cross, living virtue was given. The new life I give to you will spring up within your soul and subdue everything that competes with My love. The inexpressible joy of resurrection life is My gift to you.


The world can only see Christ dying on a cross, but I am the Christ of triumphant victory leaping from the tomb as the doe of the morning. My life was not contained in a grave, for it is the life of eternal love that can never be stopped. The grave could not hold Me, but you can. You can hold Me close and dear to your heart. This is My gift to you—My endless, triumphant life.
Many are searching for what I have already given you. Take this gift and bring it to those who are near. Let your family see that I live in you and they will glorify Me. Never fear to share this gift with those in need, those who are hurting, those who are cold and hard. For hidden behind their hard hearts is a fragile soul that must experience this treasure. Open your heart to them and share My love. 
Freely I have given this love to you, so now freely share it with them. My gift to you is the glad confidence that I am living within you. As I am now, so are you in this world. Rest in this confidence and great will be your peace.


Romans 6:22-23 The Passion Translation


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