Intuition and Instinct

Job 38:36 “Who gives intuition to the heart and instinct to the mind?”

Did you ever know something without knowing why you knew it? This verse explains why. It’s because intuition is of the heart. And the ability to understand life and it’s intricacies, or the ability to discern a situation, and knowing if a situation/source is godly or demonic… These don’t come from logical reasoning; they cannot necessarily be explained. 

They are spiritual. God gives us these abilities so that we can navigate our way in this world with His mind and understanding. Being intelligent has so many limitations but being wise and having understanding goes much farther. 

“Who gives…” means if you need them all you have to do is ask because He gives. He wants us to live not groping in the dark searching but living in the light of His knowledge and understanding, knowing what to do and say wherever we are and whoever we face.


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