Heaven Has Opened Its Doors To Receive You

I have seated you with Me in the heavenly realm where we rest as One. I see you next Me, no longer struggling to get My attention, you are in the place of rest at My side. This will transform you as you consider what it means to be One with Me. All that has troubled you cannot enter, the door is shut to the temporal and momentary. Eternity is within your heart, for I have come to be One with you.
Many of My beloved ones struggle as though I was not with them. Many pray to Me as though I was distant and detached. Many read their Bibles as though it was merely facts to study and not living revelation to consume them. But I am calling you to pray with Me at your side and to read the truths of the Word of God with Me as your Light. I will help you read through My eyes and with My Spirit. Come into the fullness of what I have done for you!
I long to teach you what it means to be a son, a daughter of the Living God. Do not let your experience with an earthly father blind your eyes to who I Am. You have a Father in heaven with a burning love for you. I have cherishing love for you and I will give you the fruits of sonship. Let Me teach you the secrets of what it means to be My child. I will heal you of the pain that has prevented you from knowing Me fully.
Your life is about to change as you take your place at My right hand. I have made you holy in My presence. Absorb the glory that is around you, until you know that I am near. I have planted seeds in your life long ago that are just now starting to grow. There will be a paradise garden in your heart as My Spirit brings these dormant seeds to life and to fruitfulness. You will forget all your affliction and pain as you see the garden grow and release life inside your soul. You will radiate My glory and taste My goodness at My side. 
I have chosen you and could never forget the adoring worship you have poured out before Me. I am near to you even now, for My work is swiftly taking place in your life. I will complete this beautiful work inside your heart until you awaken with My likeness. Come and rest at My side until your eyes open to see Me face to face.


Song of Songs 6:5 The Passion Translation
“Turn your eyes from Me, I can’t take it anymore!

I can’t resist the passion of the eyes that I adore. 

Overpowered by a glance, my ravished heart—undone, 

Held captive by your love I am truly overcome!”


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