Free Indeed!

John 8:36 ” So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”
Jesus came to this world to set us free from the dominion of sin. To those who have received His Spirit, they are no longer bound to sin as its master. Sin is what separated us from God and the life He has. It brought death, destruction and misery. So the Son came to deliver us from everything that sin brought with it. He broke the chains that held us, took us out of the prison of darkness and brought us to live in a world where light shines so we can see, made us a part of His royal family so now we have status and authority and we can walk with our head held high, not low in shame, to a home where every need is taken cared of and we are deeply loved. He said, Now you are part of my family, now you are free! 

The old master may try to make you think you are still it’s slave but if you remember Whose family you are a part of and live like His son -in the way you think, talk, conduct yourself, make it your conscious reality, then eventually, that is what you’ll experience more and more.


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