Password: Thank You!

Remember the Lord your God, for it is HE Who gives you the power to get wealth! (Deuteronomy 8:18)

When you keep in mind how Good God is ALL the time, it is inevitable for you not to thank Him! His praise shall CONTINUALLY be in your mouth. Worship becomes your way of life. His presence will be your soothing atmosphere and joy becomes your strength.
We thank Him for giving us the power to get wealth! Yes, wealth!!!  

Wealth in our health!

Wealth in our relationships with family and friends!

Wealth in the work of our hands!

Wealth in wisdom!

Wealth in love! 

Wealth in peace!

Wealth in joy!

Wealth in provision! 

Wealth in our environment!

Wealth in every area of our lives! 
Why not take a minute or two? Close your eyes and remember the great things that He has done for you and GIVE HIM WHAT IS DUE HIM! He is WORTHY of it all! For the Lord is good and His unfailing love continues forever and His faithfulness continues to each generation!

YOU’RE altogether LOVELY,

altogether WORTHY,

altogether WONDERFUL to me!


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