Quiet Time: I Love You Come and sit with Me

Let Me hold you close and tell you how much you mean to Me. Let Me show you how precious and important you are to Me.
Before you even existed, I already loved you. You were created and birthed out of My love. I formed you from My love, from My heart. And out of Me, you came to be. You came out of Me.
   I chose you. I planned your life. I planned your days. I planned your beginning and I planned your end. And I declared your life to be victorious,
full of joy, full of hope, full of love… full of Me. Some of the days may have been rocky and turbulent, but I already made your way out. I made your end triumphant.
   When I stood in the Garden in agony, sweating blood, you were on my mind. When I was tied and bound, and whipped, I saw you in my mind. When I was beaten, and My beard pulled, the crown of thorns placed on my head, I saw you crying and suffering. As I was carrying the Cross and walking to Golgotha, I carried your pain in My heart. As I was laying on the Cross and the nails were driven into My hands and feet, I thought of you and and cried for you.
As they began to lift the Cross, and sharp pains shot through every inch of My body, I longed for you. As I gasped for breath and the searing pains never stopped, You never for one second left My mind and heart. All the time I thought of you and I said, for you… for you are worth it all. Worth to be with Me forever. Worth for you to live triumphant and joyful and loved. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE WORTH IT ALL! Every drop of blood I shed, every pain I felt, every sorrow I grieved… I did it all for you.


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