God As A Covenant Keeping God

Psalm 106:8 “He always stands by His covenant – the commitment He made to a thousand generations.”

We often refer to God as a covenant-keeping God. A covenant is more binding than a contract. No one enters into a covenant lightly. It is an agreement made by 2 people where promises are made to each other, and if one party doesn’t keep their end of the bargain, it is punishable by death. That’s why Jesus had to stand in our behalf because there is no way that we can keep our part with God as a covenant partner. It had to be Someone as perfect as Jesus Who can diligently, unquestionably, perfectly keep His end 100% of the time. 

The covenant was made between God the Father and God the Son, with Jesus standing in our place. So all the promises that the Father declared are all binding and valid for all those who are IN CHRIST JESUS. And that’s why He often says, “Bring to My remembrance…” When you make requests of God, you have to ask as one in a covenant relationship. There are demands you can make simply because He already promised them. He promised to never leave us, to love us, to protect us, to provide for us, to bring good success, to heal us… These are some of the promises He made. Our part is to believe everything He said and follow Him.
The more we discover about His covenant, the more secure we become about our relationship with Him and living in this world. He took the time to enter into that kind of relationship with us so we don’t ever have to question His commitment to us.


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