CHRISTmas is never CHRISTmas without CHRIST! HE is THE REASON for THE SEASON!

To give something small with MUCH LOVE that goes with it makes the recipient’s eyes light up! 

I was at a gasoline station one day and the gas boy was really trying hard to convince me for him to clean my windshield, check my engine oil and put air in my tires but I said NO to all his services offered. I knew he was trying to earn a few extra coins. BUT my heart sensed his need and so after I paid for my gas, I handed him an amount and YES, I saw his face brightened with a full smile. My heart was overwhelmed in the thought that he got SURPRISED for receiving something that he did not work for! From that time on, I gained a friend and his name is Jonas.  

Because of that experience, I learned more about God’s love for us. We don’t deserve it yet He gave Himself to you and me, desiring to build an intimate relationship with us and constantly be connected to us ALL BECAUSE HE DEEPLY LOVES US! We don’t work to earn His love, but we RECEIVE His gift of Love, JESUS CHRIST. And His love received will enable and empower us to love others. Truly, we cannot give what we do not have but when we have HIM in our hearts, we become UNSTOPPABLE in loving others. We love because He first loved us!

CHRISTmas is never CHRISTmas without CHRIST! HE is THE REASON for THE SEASON!

Photo Credits: Florence Hiromura


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