Do Not Be Deceived By Sin

Psalm 5:4-7 “O God, You take no pleasure in wickedness; You cannot tolerate the sins of the wicked. Therefore the proud may not stand in Your Presence, for You hate all who do evil. You will destroy those who tell lies. The Lord detests murderers and deceivers. Because of Your unfailing love, I can enter Your house; I will worship at Your temple with deepest awe “

Sin is serious business with God. He cannot have anything to do with it. And He doesn’t look at it the way we do. Deceiving is just as bad as murder to Him. We can look at lying as a small infraction, but God considers it weighty enough to want to destroy the culprit. What hope then is there for man? “Because of Your unfailing love…” God’s love made a way for us. 
He provided a sacrifice to make atonement for all the ugliness that sin brought. The lying and deception and pride that put us on the side of the “father of lies” who is the enemy of God, His Son paid the price so we can be restored to Him. If we truly see sin for what it is, we will be forever grateful for the ultimate price Jesus paid for our salvation. “I will worship at Your temple with deepest awe.” We worship God by the way we live and the way we treat others, it’s not something that happens when we go to church on Sunday. It is His love that fills us that changes us and makes us want to live a life that glorifies Him, a heart that worships Him. 

Most of the time, sin can be very lucrative and pleasurable in nature but grace is not about at the end of committing a sin you thought about you can be cleansed but if Jesus is alive in you then you are not able to think of it and allow it to be processed in your thoughts. The battle doesn’t lie alone in our flesh but in our thought process as well. 
What you feed on, what you dwell on, will eventually becomes you. As an ambassador of Christ, yes!, we may go through the process of temptation but the power of Christ in you should be more powerful than any attacks in the flesh and in our thought process. Sining once can be an “okay” to some but sin is still a sin. Repentance with a pure heart would mean saying NO to all these. Christ died for you and the moment you accept Christ you are dead to sin. 
“Let my heart be so filled with Your love that it consumes me. Let my eyes be focused on Who You are so that I remember You are the One Who lives my life through me. Let my life be a life of worship so that You can love others through me. I surrender my life to Your will, let Jesus be magnified and lifted up in my life. Amen.”


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