He Is The Light

Luke 2:32 “He is a light to reveal God to the nations, and He is the glory of Your people Israel.”

When the light is turned on, all of a sudden you no longer have to grope around to find your way. You no longer have to be afraid of hitting anything and hurting yourself… When you see Jesus as your salvation, life doesn’t become trial and error. Your walk becomes sure. God has now been revealed to you and you experience Him as Someone not “out there” but close to you. God is not a judge waiting to clobber you, but is now Daddy wanting to love on you. Life has meaning because Love has become real. 
“He is the glory of Israel.” Israel has become known to be the leader in many areas: agriculture, electronics, computer sciences, life sciences, robotics, engineering, high tech industry, environmental science, space science. They are so advanced in military engineering and information technology like no one else in the world! There aren’t as many Nobel prIze winners in the world as there are that came from Jewish ancestry. You can look at Israel and see that out of a desert, a whole nation has risen. Out of a tiny nation that many countries have been wanting to squelch, they continue to flourish and stand strong. The ONLY reason is because of Whose they are! 
When God puts His hand of favor on you, who can come against you? The nation of Israel is a natural reflection of what can happen in a life when God puts His mark on it. “Jesus, show me who I am in You. Reveal the gifts You have placed in me. Show me my purpose and destiny in this world that my life may bring You glory. Amen.”


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