A Spiritual Discipline

I just wanna share this to all readers about the good book I bought last year. This is actually one of the books that I really love from Joyce Meyer. 

Book: The Secret Power Of Speaking God’s Word

Just as we need natural disciplines such as discipline to work and disciplines concerning appetites, finances, and so on, we also need spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, and confessing God’s Word out loud. We may not always want to, but as we discipline ourselves to do these things, they will become habits. Then we will see good results just as we see good results from any other discipline that is applied over a period of time.

Doing something good one time does not produce long-lasting good results. Discipline doesn’t produce immediate joy, but it is an investment that will pay great dividends in due time. (Hebrews 12:11). 

I strongly encourage you to confess the Word of God out loud daily – even two or three times a day, or throughout the day as the Holy Spirit prompts you. Each time a thought comes to your mind that does not agree with God’s Word, confess the truth of God’s Word out loud, and you will find the wrong thought disappearing. 

Second Corinthians 10:4-5 teaches us that our weapons are not carnal, but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds in our mind. 
Casting down imaginations, thoughts, reasonings, and theories that don’t agree with God’s Word requires us to use our offensive weapon – the Word of God coming out of out mouth. 
When we speak, it becomes a two-edged sword that defeats the enemy with one edge and opens the blessings of heaven with the other. 
There are many other weapons that are defensive, but the Word is offensive – it chases the enemy, driving him back. 
Like any other principle in God’s Word, this will not work if it is not applied. Just knowing it doesn’t change anything. Faith is active. It must be released. We can release God’s Word through prayer, confessing His Word out loud, and taking God-inspired action. We are blessed in the “doing” not just the “knowing”. James 2:17 says, “faith without works is dead.”
Do not look at confessing God’s Word out loud as a formula for getting everything you want. Do it in faith, knowing it pleases God when we agree with His Word. Enter God’s rest concerning the timing of the results. God is faithful and as we continue to do our part. He never fails to do His. 
When I began confessing the Word out loud in 1976, changes in my life did not come overnight. But gradually I did see changes, and still to this day I always see good results from verbalizing my faith and speaking in agreement with God. 
In Psalm 45:1 David said that his tongue was as the pen of a ready writer. And in Proverbs 3:1,3 the Word states that we should not forget God’s laws but write them on the tablet of our heart. We see from these two Scriptures that our heart is the tablet and our tongue is the pen. 
When we confess God’s Word out loud, we write it on our own heart, and it becomes more firmly established both in our heart and in the earth.  
God’s Word is forever settled in heaven (see Psalm 119:89), and we establish it in earth each time we speak it. 
I know that my husband, Dave, loves me, but each time I hear him say, “I Love You”, it is more firmly established in my life. So it is with this spiritual principle. 
Credit to Joyce Meyer, The Secret Power of Speaking God’s Word


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