The True Bread Of God

John 6:33 “The true bread of God is the One Who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.”

Bread in the Middle East is a staple food, meaning it appears at every meal, every day, the same way Asians eat rice. Bread is not like a main dish that changes each day, it is always found at the table. Jesus was saying that He is the One that gives nourishment, the One present in our lives every single day, the One we cannot live a day without. He is the One Who is the absolute fullness of life that is from God. 
If you are looking for meaning and purpose to your life, you will not find it outside of Jesus Christ. He is the Source of life. He is the One Who gives you hope. Let Him be involved in the details of your every day living: in your relationships, at work, at school, at home, when you have fun with your friends and family. Let Him be your Doctor, Counselor, Boss, Best Friend. He is the True Bread from heaven and He wants you to experience His life every single day that you live.


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