He Saved Me Out Of My Troubles

Psalm 34:6 “In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened; He saved me out of all my troubles.”

The psalmist wasn’t just desperate, he was depressed, and in that state he cried out to God. One of the covenant names of God is Jehovah Shama which means “the Lord listens”. 
The first time that name was mentioned in the bible was when Hagar, the slave of Sarah ran away from her master’s wife. As a slave, she had no rights, yet God heard her cries for help and saved her and her son from death. What is that telling us? Many times we’ve done things that we think “disqualify” us from being heard by God, but because of His grace and kindness, he gives us another chance. He listens to our cries for help and answers us. He is Jehovah Shama, the God Who Hears you. Are you in a desperate situation? Cry out to God. He hears you because He loves you. Let this be an opportunity to see His faithfulness, and for you to give Him glory.


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