At Present, In His Presence

I am honored and still in awe with the recent two days event of #PresenceDriven with Heidi Baker held at Cuneta, Astrodome, Pasay, Philippines. 
The event was hosted with well known personalities and well known Pastors from different churches in the Philippines who are not only known in pastoring sheeps but are known in bringing the presence of God wherever they go, performing what Jesus has done when He was walking on earth – the blind sees, the lame walks, the deaf hears and so much more miracles. Truly, God’s signs and wonders at present time! 
How interesting to know that in this generation, in this present time, God is still in the serious business of saving souls and healing souls and wounded sheeps!
The #PresenceDrivenConference is truly life changing and it was a start of something better, brighter and extravagant days ahead for all believers in Christ. 
God powerfully demonstrated again how might He is at present time. The move of the Holy Spirit was totally different, Heaven was definitely shaken and I know in the Spirit realm, dreams were made and we will see a generation full of missionaries spreading the Gospel of God from nations to nations, from every corner of this world. I felt a different moved of God, it was so sweet and very tangible. There’s only one thing on those two days of event – Love. 
God is love and love is God. 
“And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.””

‭‭Exodus‬ ‭33:14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
Lord, thank you that Your presence is always in us and always for us. Like the reams of river flowing, it flows in and out of our spirit. 
Thank you Lord that with You alone is an assurance of eternal life, life in abundance and a walk to a meaningful destiny. 
Abba, we ask more of You in our lives and less of our flesh. 
Holy spirit have Your way in our lives. Give us wisdom to everything and anything we do. 
Thank you Lord for encounters in our lives. In your presence is always heaven for us that in Your presence we don’t need to wait for us to die physically to experience heaven but knowing You and just by believing in You is already heaven on earth. 
Thank you Lord that whenever we live in Your presence, we can be assured of that we can rest in You, in Your promises and rely on Your faithfulness in us. 
Truly, there is nothing worthy of our praises, our worship but You alone. 
Thank you Jesus. 
Thank you Holy Spirit. 
Thank you Abba Father. 
Jesus thank you that Your presence in us is alive that we can do what You can do. 
Lord, we want the fire in our hearts and in our lives. Whenever we feel like we are running our of flame You always supply us with fresh fire. Thank you Jesus that You always keep the light in us burning even in the darkest area of our lives. Stir the passion, the burning passion in us, create a new spirit from our spirit until our Call is fulfilled. 
Thank You Jesus that you are amidst of anything that we do and you keep perfecting us. We may go astray, we may missed the mark, but we are thankful for your grace. 
Forever Lord bring Your presence with us, don’t let us lose the fire in our hearts, fuel it with your anointing oil so it will never runs out of fire. Hold us in the middle of your palms, carry us with your joy – to stand anything that comes against us. 
Let us walk always in the Spirit and give us always the wisdom to know the difference between deceits of the enemy that may look like normal in the natural. Guide our feet so we may walk in Your righteousness. 
Let our mouth be Your mouth, let our words be Your words. Be our hands and feet. 
Thank you Jesus for Your shadow that anytime we need help and bask in Your presence we can easily come to Your shadow to protect us, guide us and fight for us. Your shadow oh Lord that we can dwell and be our refuge. 
Holy holy holy who was, who is, and is to come. 
I love my Jesus. You are my everything. 
Pictures from the two days #PresenceDriven Conference:


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