Enoch, Where Are You?

Where are the Enochs of today? Men and women who walk with God so intimately, so deeply, so profoundly, so single-mindedly. Many today are so distracted– sometimes by the evil things, to be sure. But yes, even by the good things. 

These are those who still, to this day, partake from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. To the non-believers, it’s the evil things that draw them away. But to the believers, it’s the good things that distract them and therefore draw them away from true intimacy with a loving God. 
Stop settling for the good. Rather, pursue that which is right. Press into His Presence. Don’t settle for counterfeits. There is nothing in this world that can compare with the Presence of God.

#presenceofgod #goodandevil #treeoflife #chooselife #godisfaithful #godisgood #faithfulness #godisfaithful #walkwithgod #intimacywithgod


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