Here I Am

1 Samuel 3:7,8 ” Samuel did not yet know the Lord because he has never had a message from the Lord before. So the Lord called a third time, and once more Samuel got up and went to Eli. ‘Here I am. Did you call me?'”

Samuel eventually grew up to be one of Israel’s great prophets, but he started as a little boy who wasn’t familiar with the voice of God. What does this tell us? He works with us where we’re at. It took a fourth try before Samuel finally responded to the Lord’s voice, and that only happened after Eli told him what to say. This also tells us that He gives us more than one or 2 chances to get it right. He is so patient with us. He wants us to get it right. And He will even send someone to help you get it right , if need be. 
There are many ways God speaks to us. Through scripture, through circumstances, through a friend, through a song, even through a line you may heard from a movie or tv program! He is not limited! When you keep your heart and ears open, knowing that He can speak to you in any way, you WILL hear His voice. You will get His direction and guidance. But you have to get familiar with the beating of His heart so you don’t misinterpret or take things out of context. It begins with the attitude of your heart.
“Lord, I want to hear Your voice. I want Your wisdom and direction for my life. There is so much I need to learn. But I thank You for Your patience with me. Teach me Your ways. And let my life be a blessing to others. Let my life bring You glory, in the Name of Jesus I pray, amen.”


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