I Can’t Stop Singing About Your Love

Oh, Jesus! How wonderful you are. How magnificient you are and all that I can do is just to sing praises, hymns and worship you for the rest of my life and until my work on earth is done. 

How many of you know that God inhabits the praises of His people? Truly, He does! 

That very moment that we started singing praises unto Him, He is amidst of our worship and prayer! 

Jesus thank you that you remain faithful in our lives and you will always be. Life may not be in favor all the time but we know for as long as we serve the good God you are. We know triumphs upon triumphs is upon us. Victories! Victory upon victories is on us! Because you are always for us and never against us! 

I remember the verses in the bible when the prophets were with Jesus during the storm, Jesus calmed the storm! With this, we know that whatever storms of life we go through for as long as Jesus is alive in us and in our hearts we know that we can rest on Him and storms will be calmed. Thank you Jesus for calming that storm for us! 

In Psalm 23 it says “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want..” thank you Jesus that you are indeed our Shepherd, a provider whenever we have nothing left, a savior during the times when we need someone to save us from our miseries and a lover and a comforter whenever we needed someone to hug us and comfort us whenever we don’t see someone available for us. 

Jesus thank you that your word will always remain true and will not return to you void. That whatever you have established in the bible will surely, yes! Surely will come to pass. 

We may not deserve things at times because we miss the mark but we thank you for your unmerited favors and grace that even if we feel like we deserve it, you lavishly give it for me and for us. 

I will never be the ashame to share your word and will never tire to spread it because I am alone a living testimony of who you are and how good you are in my life and in my family. 

So right now, Father, in the name of Jesus I pray for open hearts, hearts that we ready to receive you, Holy spirit move like you’ve never moved before. Saturate their hearts and speak to them and reveal yourself to them. I speak life in every area of all who reads this. I speak life to your pockets, to your bank accounts, to your body – your body is whole and healed, I speak protection day in and day out and I speak the Love of God to envelop you, comfort you and cover you and your household. I speak shalom – nothing missing and nothing broken in your life and your family. Favors that you haven’t experienced before and good news upon good news this coming week and in the week to come. I see answered prayers right now. Prayer that you have been praying will be answered this week. I pray for suddenlies! Yes! I see suddenlies coming forth in Jesus name! I see restoration upon restoration this week and that good news you’ve been waiting for will knock on your doorstep this week and will surprise you like you’ve been surprised before. This I seal with the blood of Jesus and in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen. 
Tell us the good news you will receive this week. We love to hear testimonies upon testimonies from our readers. 

Let God be exalted in our lives!!

*typing while downloading information from the Holy Spirit. No proofreading done. 


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Stop Singing About Your Love

  1. Amen! I can’t stop singing about my Father’s love, as well. His praise shall always be on my lips. Amen. He’s given me a song to sing every day. 🤓


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