Abba Father. Daddy God. 

Galatians 1:3 “May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.” 

There are many challenges and trials we face in this world. But there are times we face a trial that is beyond our control, beyond our power to do anything about, and we feel lost and helpless. What then do we do? 
The Word says that “God, our Father…” – you must know Who He is in your life. He isn’t just a nameless God sitting in the heavens watching what happens to you. He is your Father. Your Daddy. His heart is tender towards you and cares about you.
“The Lord Jesus Christ” – He is the One Who is master over your life, He owns you, like a King owns and is responsible for His subjects. Living in a kingdom is no longer a common practice so it’s not in our mindset – a good King is responsible and provides for all the needs of his subjects: their education, their food, their protection, their well-being, because he owns them. 
And so the Father and Jesus Christ are the Source of grace and peace for you. When you need something that is beyond your own resources, let God be your Source. You need His grace to get you out of it and His peace to see you through.
“My Daddy God, I thank You that I am not left alone to face this. That because You know all things, You have given me the grace to overcome my challenges. I receive Your peace that passes all understanding to see me through. In Jesus’ Name, amen!”


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