Joy Comes In The Morning

Psalm 30:5 in the NLT says”…but joy comes in the morning”

It is really true!!
Monday, I went to this car wash in Pilar Village. Due to busyness. I have forgotten that I left my portable speaker but I know it won’t be touched since I have covered it with my usual cloth in the driver side. Left the car wash without noticing it that it is gone. 
Tuesday came, when the thoughts of using it came into my mind and behold! I can’t find the speaker. I thought I misplaced it only. Lo and behold! I searched all possible areas where I usually put it but it’s gone. 
Wednesday came, I went to the place and talked to the Manager in charged. I got the same report that another car owner went back the same day, ahead of me, informing them that there was a missing item in his car, too. When I came, I was just in my normal self. I talked to the Manager will all calmness in my heart. Then, had my car washed as well. While waiting, I prayed for the place. Verses came then I continued praying and prophesying that it will be returned to me again. I know it will be returned. Period. Left my name and number. 
Thursday came, car wash owner called in and informed me that he will do his best to investigate. I just said “go”. I was peaceful. 
Friday morning, today, a call woke me up. Good news! They have recovered my speaker!!
God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. Let the peace of God who surpasses all understanding be with you today. 
God is good!!


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