My Daddy God

John 12:45 “For when you see Me, you are seeing the One Who sent Me.”

Jesus was talking about His Daddy. He was showing people His Daddy’s heart. People had the wrong notion that God was watching His people with a whip in His hand, and when people did wrong, He was happy to punish them. Through His life, He was saying that your thoughts about God are mistaken. So what Jesus did was open blind eyes, healed the sick, made the lame walk, speak words of mercy and forgiveness, set people free from bondages and from tormenting spirits. He was giving people, including us, a different picture of Daddy God: He doesn’t want to punish you, He’d rather teach you what’s right. He’d rather bless you than see you suffer. He wants to set you free, not keep you in your wrong mindsets that keep you bound and suffering. He wants you healed and whole – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Think of your Daddy God as Someone Who wants to lavish on you and pour His Blessing into your life. Change the image you have of Him because He wants you to enjoy life!

“Daddy God, open my eyes that I may see You the way Jesus reflected You. I want my life to be filled with Your love, peace and joy. I want my life to reflect You. In the Name of Jesus, my Lord and Savior. Amen.”


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