Overcome by Heidi Baker


During a recent outreach in a nearby village, I preached a salvation message in this unreached area, and nearly everyone wanted to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I felt God ask me to challenge the people to bring the blind, deaf and crippled to be healed.
I held a deaf and mute man in my arms and prayed for him to hear and speak in the name of Jesus. His tongue was immediately loosed, and his ears opened. For the first time in fifteen years, he spoke and heard! It was beyond beautiful.
the next lady had not heard anything in twelve years. I put my fingers in her ears and commanded her ears to be opened in the name of Jesus. Her smile lit up my world as Jesus opened her ears.
Next was a little boy around twelve years of age. He had been completely blind since birth and was sent away from his village by his parents to beg in the city. His guide, who led him around the streets of Pemba, was with me on the truck. I spit on my fingers and put them on his eyelids. I help him in my arms and rocked him back and forth as I felt the deep love the Father has for this boy. When I asked him to open his eyes, he saw light for the first time! He looked around in amazement as his eyes were opened by the glorious love and grace of Jesus. I held him close and began to week at the beauty of what Jesus hard just done.
After such a fabulous miracle, others pressed forward to receive healing. A lady with a crippled foot for ten years leapt for joy as her foot was made whole by the Lamb of God. Drunks came weeping to the front, declaring their desire to be saved.  
Most of us won’t face the challenge of such need on a daily basis. But we still have challenges to overcome; still obstacles stand in our way, insurmountable to the natural eye. No matter what we go through in life, we will get through because we are in love with the one who is altogether lovely.
Photo courtesy of Heidi Baker, visit her at facebook.com/heidibaker


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