Worship In Spirit and In Truth

John 4:24 “For God is Spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.”

What does it mean to worship God? Its not going to church and getting on your knees and praying, then when you’re done you say amen and leave Him in that building. It’s not in what you do, worship is a matter of the heart. The Spirit of God is the Breath of God. To worship Him in spirit is in how you live your life: when you involve Him in your decision-making, talking to Him during the day, being grateful for what He has done, just taking a break to think about how much He loves you, whatever it is you do in your day and night and letting Him be part of it… To worship Him in truth is acknowledging Him for Who He is: your Abba, your Shepherd, your Provider, your Healer, your Peace, the One Who makes you whole, etc. Worshipping Him in truth is also living “for real”, not in pretense, like trying to be strong when you’re falling apart instead of depending on His strength; trying to figure things out on your own instead of asking for His guidance. Or asking Him and then still doing what you want… He is God. Your very existence depends on Him! So let Him be a part of it all without being “religious” about it. Be conscious of His Presence always with you, and the way you conduct yourself, the way you talk, the way you treat others will be affected.
“Abba, what an honor it is to have You in my life! You take care of me, You’re making me whole, You fill me with Your peace and joy and love. Help me to always be aware that Your Presence is always with me every moment of everyday so that others can see You in me in the way I treat others. Let my life testify of Your goodness and greatness because I am Yours. Help me to live a life that worships You, in Jesus’ Name I pray, amen!”


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