Shake off the viper!

I hear His whisper…
The words that others have spoken to you have power to affect your walk with Me. I call you to discernment and wisdom. Many will not value the work I am doing in your life. They will insist that their opinion is true and My words are false. Shake off the viper, as Paul shook off the viper on Island of Malta. The fire of My Spirit will cause snakes to come to latch onto you, shake them off and believe My words. A fearless courage will be required as you move forward in My ways. So recognize when the enemy of your soul comes to slander or to hinder your faith.
Testing will come, but victory will also be seen. Your faith has been strong and you have overcome many things, so be quick to overcome every attempt to sidetrack you from My purpose and your destiny. I have given you your assignment and you know what I have called you to do. Move forward, advance into deeper levels of My love and grace, and you will overcome all things. This month will be the month of your victory and the removal of the viper’s fangs. Be bold and darkness will flee, be strong and you will win a victory for Me!
Acts 28:3-6 The Passion Translation
³When Paul had gathered an armful of brushwood and was setting it on the fire, a venomous snake was driven out by the heat and latched onto Paul’s hand with its fangs. ⁴When the islanders saw the snake dangling from Paul’s hand, they said to one another, “No doubt about it, this guy is a murderer. Even though he escaped death at sea, Justice has now caught up with him!” ⁵But Paul shook the snake off, flung it into the fire, and suffered no harm at all. ⁶Everyone watched him, expecting him to swell up or suddenly drop dead. After observing him for a long time and seeing that nothing unusual happened, they changed their minds.


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