The Uncaused Cause

Job 38:8-11 “Who kept the sea inside its boundaries as it burst from the womb, and as I clothed it with clouds and wrapped it in thick darkness? For I locked it behind barred gates, limiting its shores. I said, ‘This far and no farther will you come. Here your proud waves must stop!'”

The earth’s surface is approximately 3/4 water. Where did all the water come from? Have you wondered why the oceans never swallowed up the land and took it all? Or why it never fully evaporated after millions of years? What kept the seas in its boundaries? The ocean contains so many mysteries, it’s deepest depths remain in a shroud of darkness. Scientists have their theories about how the world began but have never been able to prove them. Their explanations can only go until a certain point and then it ends to a common point that’s called “the uncaused cause”. That is the point where no one can determine where the first organism of anything in any universe actually started from. There is a Great Mind behind all that. The Almighty God is the only One without any beginning; He is the One Who started it all. He is The Source of all life! His voice decreed natural laws into place so that creation remains in order. Planets remain in their orbits, the sun, moon and stars stay in their rightful place, and the seas stay in their boundaries. If such a Great Mind can keep everything in order without going into chaos, wouldn’t you rather entrust your life to the One Who knows everything than yourself with such finite perspective and limited knowledge?

“Abba, it gives me comfort to realize that I don’t need to know everything, just keeping my life in order can be overwhelming at times! But when I put my life in Your hands, I can rest knowing that You know what’s best for me. Show me the way that I should go, teach me what I ought to know, let me hear Your instructions clearly so that my time is maximized and my life directions are clear. I want my life to make a difference. All for Your glory. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”


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