I Am Here

I hear His whisper… 
I am here when you need Me, for I am not a distant spectator, unfeeling toward what moves you. I am here as Peace. In the same way that I was with My disciples, I am walking with you. Through the hours of the day and quiet of the night, I am here for you, My beloved. How I delight in keeping company with you– more than you will ever know! Start to feel Me, to know Me as One who is closer than your breath. I will fill your moments and your dreams with My living presence.
Seek this evening to be with Me. Wait on Me until you hear My voice. I want you to know Me, for knowing Me is power and endurance. You will never quit pursuing Me when you know Me as the angels know Me. I invite you to sacred intimacy, come into My chambers, I am here to make My self known to you. And you will know Me more intimately than angels.
I have all your affairs in My hands. Your troubles, your cares, your concern for your family, and for your health. I am here as Healer and Restorer. I am more than able to heal your heart and make you whole. I am here to join Myself to you. You are everything that brings delight to My soul, come, rest awhile with Me. Call out My name for am here, next to you, within you, and all around you.
I hold your life in My hands, for we are One. My blood and My mercy has made you Mine. I understand your heart like no other. When others have pushed you aside, I draw close. When others speak angry words because of your faith in Me, I come closer. I am here. This moment. I am here. Come away with Me!
James 4:5-6 The Passion Translation

“Does the Scripture mean nothing to you that says,

‘The Spirit that God breathed into our hearts

Is a jealous Lover who desires to have us fully?’ 

But he continues to pour out more and more grace upon us.”


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