Triumph for the Bride

I hear Him whisper…
I will bring you out of trouble and give you TRIUMPH. All that now discourages you will be lifted from you and My power will be shown on your behalf. Fix your eyes on the triumph of the cross and your heart will soar again. Be filled with My living Word. Believe all that I have said to you and rest in My promise. Come into agreement with Me and you will see great deliverance!
I am about to flow through your life in great power. The age of miracles and displays of power will be seen in your land. Even now My winds are blowing to topple the structures and teachings of men that hinder My people from trusting in My power. Gale force winds will blow. The more confidence you place in the structures of men the more disappointment will come when I blow them down. The awakening winds are coming to blow upon your heart and awaken you to My power. So arise from your days of doubting and enter in to a new day of promises-fulfilled, the days of heaven on earth!
Your Bridegroom is coming, He is in the land to lift you up and lead you out. Trim your lamps, buy oil of My Spirit, fill your heart with expectancy and go out to meet Him. The day of His gladness is here, the day of His wedding is near, arise and go out of all that is familiar and meet Him in His glory. Just as He walks in mighty power over all His foes, so will His bride walk in the ways of glorious power. Nothing will hinder Him as He appears for His bride.
I will speak My words through you, I will release My power through you. For the Lamb’s wife is making herself ready and her garments of splendor are becoming clean and spotless. Even as I used My displays of miracle power to gather the masses and bring them in to taste of My glory, I will do it again in your day. You have asked Me to come and rend the heavens. I am coming as you first rend your hearts and open more deeply to Me. I will draw untold millions to Myself in these days of power. So come, be clothed with faith and confidence in Me. Leave all that hinders you behind. Do not look back or try to take the old with you into the new. For the way is straight and the door is narrow. Come with faith alone and you will see the unveiling of My power. There is no limit to what I will do through you as you come with Me!
Song of Songs 3:10-11 The Passion Translation

“The place where they sit together 

Is sprinkled with crimson. 

Love and mercy cover this carriage, 

Blanketing His tabernacle-throne. 

The King Himself has made it 

For those who will become His bride! 

Rise up Zion maidens, brides-to-be! 

Come and feast your eyes on this King 

As He passes in procession 

On His way to His wedding! 

This is the day filled 

With overwhelming joy— 

The day of His great gladness!”


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