Running Shoes by Heidi Baker

Reckless Devotion Day 71
God made us to run our course and finish our race. We must never take our eyes off the finish line or give in. Even when I was sick, I was determined to run—both physically and spiritually.
On my first day in the hospital, I told Rolland, “Oh no, I forgot my running shoes.” It seemed like a stupid statement. Just walking a few paces was agonizing. Nevertheless, I told Rolland, “Go and get some!”
Rolland didn’t argue with me. He just said okay, went off to a shopping mall and found me some running shoes. He didn’t come back with a bunch of flowers and say, “Look, you really won’t be running, so I brought these.” He knew I was determined not to die. Rather, I was determined to run!
While I was in the hospital, Jesus reached out to the spiritually malnourished around me. One doctor came to me and told me I’d better think about writing my epitaph. I bought him a Bible. He was a Russian doctor who had never read or even seen one before. I talked to him about Jesus, and the presence of God filled my room.
As time went on, God’s presence got thicker and thicker in my room until, eventually, the ladies who came in to change my sheets wouldn’t leave. They wanted to stay in my room, and they just kept weeping. They would say, “There’s so much life in this room!”
After 32 days of battling, tired and weary, I prayed, “God, I know your presence can kill this infection. Your presence can kill what antibiotics cannot. You are a powerful God who destroys the work of the enemy.” Rolland and I decided we would leave the hospital and visit another “Specialist.” We would, after all, attend a conference in Toronto I was due to speak at. While I was there preaching, hardly able to stand, our sovereign Lord healed me completely, and I danced in His presence once again!
Never reduce your theology to your experience. Believe every word God says. Be thankful for everything. And know that it is time to get out your running shoes and finish your race. Run with perseverance and never, ever give up!


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