He Leads Me Baside Peaceful Streams 

Ps 23:1,2 “The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all that I need. He lets me rest in green meadows, He leads me beside peaceful streams.”
Sheep are not the smartest of animals. They’ll get so restless that they’ll wear themselves out. They don’t even have the sense to move from place to place and will end up eating the grass down to the roots, killing it in the process. Sometimes sheep have to be led to green pastures so they can feed and grow. And sheep do not lie down easily. They will not unless four conditions are met. Because they are timid, they will not lie down if they are afraid. Because they are social animals, they will not lie down if there is friction among the sheep. If flies or parasites trouble them, they will not lie down. Finally, if sheep are anxious about food or are hungry, they will not lie down. Rest comes because the shepherd has dealt with fear, friction, flies, and famine. This is what the Good Shepherd does: He takes care of His sheep.

“Jesus, You are my Shepherd. You take care of me. You take care of my needs so I don’t have to be anxious. You lead me to quiet places where I can rest. Thank You that in You, is my place of rest. In You, is my peace. Amen.”

(Part 2 of a series)


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