In every difficulty I am here for you

I heard Him whisper…

I will bring you light and understanding when you don’t know what to do. I have brought you to this place of trust, where I can be unveiled as your Only Source and Faithful Friend. 
Anxiety will disappear when I am near. To strive is to miss the way, for the one who follows Me will never be disappointed. Those who strive and push themselves forward are those who have not yet learned to trust in Me. 
But My lovers, called to My presence, know that I am always with them and will promote them in My timing. Anxiety is the affliction of the self-possessed, the troubling fear that comes upon those who are consumed with their lives and not eternity. 
I call you to revel in the protecting love of your Savior. I will be there when others walk away. I will be there when the shadows of uncertainty fall upon your path. I will be there when everything around you says, “doubt.” The blood I gave for you is your shelter in a time of trouble, a hiding place when the enemy surrounds you. Trust, and watch Me work. Have strong faith, and you will see My miracle brought forth.

Good night KISS from HEAVEN 

2 Timothy 2:11-13 TPT

“You can trust these words: If we were joined with Him in His death, then we are joined with Him in His life! ¹²If we are joined with Him in His sufferings, then we will reign together with Him in His triumph. But if we disregard Him, then He will also disregard us. ¹³But even if we are faithless, He will still be full of faith, for He never wavers in His faithfulness to us!”


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