Live and Walk in the Spirit

A good word, heaven’s good night kiss!
I hear His whisper… 
“I have given you a treasure, a fountain, and a well that springs up with endless life. This treasure is My Spirit. My breath rests upon you, My Spirit fills you. Now live and walk in the Spirit I have placed within you. Your strength will never be enough, for it is not by human might, nor by will-power, but by My Spirit. The life you are called to live is the borrowed life of the Holy Spirit enriching you moment by moment. Live and walk each step in the Spirit and you will find My resting place.
“I have called you to live in the impossibility of the flesh made possible by the Spirit. My calling is a high calling of glory that only My Spirit can fulfill. Your longings for more and your desires for holiness have been birthed in you from heaven. Live in heaven’s glory. All that you will have in heaven comes to you in seed form now, so that you might experience a foretaste and preview of what will be forever yours. Hunger for the life of the Spirit and you will enter into the newness of life in Me. For in Me you live, and move, and have your being.
“Do you find it difficult to love another? Is there one in your life that stretches your ability to love? Then come to Me, let My Spirit bring you into love’s delight. What I ask of you, I will provide for you. Not one of my commandments are burdens to your soul, but invitations to your spirit to find your life in Me. Live and walk in My Spirit and love will flow. Joy will spring up from the river of pleasure before My throne. And peace will keep you near My heart. Rejoice in the Spirit this day and I will conquer your heart.”
Romans 8:5-6 The Passion Translation

Those who are motivated by the flesh only pursue what benefits themselves. But those who live by the impulses of the Holy Spirit are motivated to pursue spiritual realities. For the mind-set of the flesh is death, but the mind-set controlled by the Spirit finds life and peace.


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