Bethel Music Live In Manila

I have attended several worship concerts for the past years and the worship night made by #BethelMusic was totally different. It was a different atmosphere. The presence of the Lord was so strong that truly He inhabited again the praises of His people. 

It was such an honor and a privilege to be part of this worship night. I don’t normally post worship sessions that I attended but this one is something that I have to. 

God touched many hearts again, His love was poured out to many attendees, and the move of the Holy Spirit was so powerful that it kept hovering in each one of us. It was pure love and the sweet sweet sound of love of God was so evident. 

The name of Jesus was lifted up again and surely many that do not know Him were saved, spirits were refreshed and a fresh fire was lit up again. A fresh encounter and a changed life to those who had the encounter. 

God is so faithful and true. 

Thank you Jesus for the experience and thank you Bethel for igniting the passion of every believer to lift up the name that is above all name. 

Video Source: #BeccaMusic





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