We Rejoiced In Him

Psalm 66:5,6 “Come and see what our God has done, what awesome miracles He performs for people! He made a dry path through the Red Sea, and His people went across on foot. There we rejoiced in Him.”

There are countless stories of incredible things God did for His people; awesome miracles that He did to rescue, defend, provide, avenge, heal, bless His people! One story is when the Israelites were being chased by the Egyptians. It was the Lord showing them where to go, and He led them to the Red Sea. They were a few million by then and there was no way to get across fast enough as the Egyptians were getting closer behind them. God told Moses to lift His rod toward the Red Sea and watch the Lord deliver them from their oppressors. He didn’t just part the sea, the ground was dry when they crossed! The sea had to be parted wide enough to get the at least 3 million Jews to cross fast enough in a few minutes, and the ground had to be dry enough so they and the animals and caravans they had wouldn’t sink or get stuck! What awesome power God displayed there! (Some skeptics say the water was shallow enough for them to cross. If it was shallow, then that’s another awesome story there because the entire Egyptian army DROWNED because the wall of water on each side of them came crashing back down after the Israelites were safely across!) Think about that, if you were there and you thought – this is it, we’ve reached the end … and then experience God’s saving power, you will be jumping up and down with joy! There is rejoicing! 

Maybe God isn’t as dramatic in your day to day living. But He certainly has saved you in many instances, and it’s enough to make you stop and praise God for what He has already done for you!

“Oh Abba, how awesome are Your works and Your mighty power. Everyday You watch over me, protect me. I may not even realize how many disasters You have saved me from because they didn’t happen. But I know You are always here with me. Help me to be more aware of Your Presence with me, so that in every moment of everyday, I will praise You and thank You, because You deserve much more than I could ever give You. In Jesus’ Name I pray, amen.”


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