This Is God’s Peace

John 14:27 “I’m leaving you peace. I’m giving you My peace. I don’t give you the kind of peace that the world gives. So don’t be troubled or cowardly.”

The saying goes “you can only give what you have” rings true for anything – spiritual, psychological, emotional, physical. Jesus could give peace because He has it in Him, that’s why He was able to sleep in a boat in the middle of a raging storm!

Peace in God’s kingdom is not the same as peace in this world. Peace in The kingdom is being in the Presence of the Prince of Peace. Peace is restful for you but is highly destructive to all the powers of hell. Peace in this world is the absence of noise, conflict and war. It is also very temporary depending on the circumstances you’re facing. In God’s kingdom, the peace God gives keeps you grounded and clear-minded no matter what’s happening around you.

The peace of God is also His prosperity: Wholeness in your body, your soul, and in every area of your life! And once He gives it, He doesn’t take it back! That’s why The verse ends by saying “don’t be troubled or afraid”. When you KNOW that God’s got your back, that He is committed to your well-being, the All-Mighty One in all of creation is looking after you, is there any reason to still be afraid or troubled about anything?

“My Abba, when trouble comes my way, You have always been there with me. You have made the Way of escape for me so that I overcome the challenges I face, not by my strength, but by Your power! Your peace is my inheritance, bringing wholeness to my life. Peace in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, in my relationships, in my work (or school). I receive that peace that is beyond comprehension, because of Jesus complete work on the Cross for me. Amen.”


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